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Packaging in Harmony with Nature

Product support package

Hoting Innovations mission is to use the SinterCell™ Systems Technology to enable packaging manufacturers to profitably, mass-produce environmentally friendly packaging sourced from reusable fiber resource.

The SinterCell™ Community

To fulfill our mission, SinterCell™ enabled packaging manufacturers will need to operate their production solutions with minimum disruptions and scheduled downtimes.

Hoting Innovations financial incentives are aligned with the SinterCell™ production volumes actually achieved by our customers. To this end, we have coupled Hoting Innovations industry leading warranty program with a comprehensive SinterCell™ Production Support Package to ensure our customers achieve and maintain superior productivity performance.

In addition to the SinterCell™ Production Service package, each customer will receive an invitation to join the Hoting’s SinterCell™ Online Community. The SinterCell™ Community will provide access to SinterCell related information, manuals, training material, videos, technology developments and news and chat and forum functionality with other customers and Hoting Innovations experts.

SinterCell™ Online Community

SinterCell™ Production Training Services

New Production Solution Commissioning• Two-day training program for up to five people (per SC200 machine) following the site acceptance test.
• Training to be conducted at Hoting Innovations Center of Excellence in Hoting, Sweden¹ or at the customer’s premises.
Onboarding New Hires• Two-day training event for two people (per SC200 machine per calendar year).
• Training to be conducted at Hoting Innovations Center of Excellence in Hoting, Sweden or at the customer’s premises.
Custom Training Sessions• Upon request, Hoting Innovations will develop and deliver training sessions tailored to specific customer needs. Training session can be delivered online, at the customer’s premises, or in the center of excellence in Hoting, Sweden²
¹ Hoting Innovations covers travel and accommodations costs for training delivered in Hoting Innovations Center of Excellence.
² The cost of one custom training session for up to five people per customer per year included in the production support fee. Hoting Innovations covers travel and accommodation costs for training delivered in Hoting Center of Excellence.

SinterCell™ Production Optimization Services

Online Production Process Monitoring and Reporting¹• Hoting Innovations monitors and analyzes production data remotely.
• Provides monthly report with any process optimization recommendations and performance enhancement observations
Monthly On-site Consultations²• Schedule a Hoting Innovations Production Expert to conduct end-to-end production process review on-site
Remote Consultation Sevices• 40 remote (voice and video) consultation hours with a Hoting Innovations production Expert per year that can be allocated to production, service and maintenance, product formulation and design services.
¹ One report per month for the first six months, thereafter one report per six months.
² One visit by Hoting Innovations production expert per month for first six months, thereafter one visit per six months.

Service Descriptions

SinterCell™ Service & Maintenance

24/7 Help Desk• First-line online (voice and video) customer support available 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Online Equipment Monitoring and Alert Notifications• Hoting Innovations monitors and analyzes equipment status.
• High Priority Service Alerts notifications are immediately reported and Hoting and customer together agree on the best corrective action.
• Non-Critical Alerts or data patterns are relayed to a certified Hoting technician and then acted on during the next scheduled on-site visit.
On-site Service and Maintenance• One visit every six months by a Hoting certified service technician¹.
• Service technician conducts a thorough walk-through of the entire production solution.
• Service to be conducted during planned maintenance shutdowns.
¹ One visit by Hoting Innovations certified service technician per month for first six months, thereafter one visit per six months.

SinterCell™ Intelligent Control System

System Upgrades and Maintenance

Hoting Innovations will provide routine access to all future upgrades of the intelligent control system as long as the technical license is in place.

SinterCell™ Product Services

Product Design• Hoting Innovations provides product design services to any customer purchasing toolset.
• Two design iterations and one 3D-printed prototype included per toolset purchased.
• Customer has access to online catalogue of non-proprietary product designs and product designs owned by Hoting Innovations.
• Additional/extended product design services charged by the hour.
Sample Product Production• Hoting Innovations will produce 50 product samples for any customer purchasing a toolset.
• Any customer purchasing a toolset has access to inventory of product samples of
non-proprietary produce designs (max 50 pcs.).
• Additional/extended production of product samples will be charged on a case-by-case basis.