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A complete replacement for plastic packaging, PFAS and BPA free

SinterCell™ is the solution for a plastic-free, sustainable future! Born out of the commitment to reduce the negative impact of plastics on our lives, such as microplastics, polluted seas, PFAS and BPA. The technology enables converters to contribute to a plastic-free world for current and future generations.

Efficient large-scale production with in-house pulp production, fully tailored to your needs

SinterCell™ offers you a cost-effective and energy efficient production technology that reduces costs and improves the profitability of pulp packaging. With advanced engineering, innovative molds and smart control systems, SinterCell™ transforms plastic packaging production towards circularity.

A revolutionary fast-drying production process that creates a moldable pulp perfectly suited to the production of (food) packaging and disposables.

SinterCell™ production makes the impossible possible: raw material up to 3 times cheaper

BCTMP is produced from fast-growing softwood trees and
has evolved into a high-quality pulp. What makes BCTMP exceptional is that it requires less energy for production and has a five times higher yield from trees compared to other pulp alternatives. BCTMP’s SinterCell™ final packaging is sturdy, compostable and infinitely recyclable.

SinterCell™ Tooling

The process starts with our proprietary tooling designs that allow steam to escape when heat and pressure are applied to the fiber webs.

Rotational Engineering

A rotational pressbox increases unit productivity by creating continuous high-speed production flows

Superior Cellulose

The intelligent use of heat and pressure during the SinterCell™ process increases fiber density while reducing shrinkage, which in turn facilitates the bonding and tensioning of fibers while trapped between the tools.

Premium End-Product

This creates an end-product with a memory factor, increased strength, less weight, higher density, and exact repeatability not found in comparative fiber forming processes.

SinterCell™ products: superior LCA, even compared to other fibrous packaging

SinterCell™: Sustainability and functionality are unified! Our cellulose end products combine the beneficial properties of plastics with the environmental benefits of natural cellulose fibers.

The revolutionary production process, in which the fibres are carefully massaged and compressed, creates thin wall packaging that is strong and maintains a natural barrier. The premium cellulose products are microwaveable, oven-safe and sealable. Completely plastic and BPA-free!

Unique branding? Then choose SinterCell™ with sustainable Moulded Fiber Labeling

Prefer your own branding? SinterCell™ products are now available with sustainable Molded Fiber Labeling™, a glueless paper-based labeling solution. MFL™ labels adhere firmly to fiber packaging and are perfect for wet fiber formation. It gives packaging a professional look and stays true to sustainability goals.

Together with MCC Verstraete and Pagès Group, we are working to commercialize Molded Fiber Labeling (MFL™) for wet-molded pulp packaging

Superior Performance & Returns

SinterCell™ enables higher productivity and production levels across CAPEX/OPEX investments resulting in superior financial returns.

Circular Economy Readiness

The SinterCell™ process renders the cellulose fibers 100% reusable, meaning our products are “circular economy ready” in addition to being fully compostable and recyclable.

Product Versatility & Quality

SinterCell™ end-products have all the characteristics of plastics but all the environmental benefits of natural cellulose fibers.