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Packaging in Harmony with Nature

World-Leading SinterCell and Biopolymer Technologies

Hoting Innovations is a technology company that has acquired the skill to produce cellulose on a large scale as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging. Their SinterCell and Biopolymer technologies are among the world’s best.

Transforming Packaging

Hoting Innovations makes their technologies available to the packaging industry globally thereby leading the transition from single-use packaging made from plastics to carbon neutral solutions based on cellulose that are free of toxic petroleum and fossil fuel based agents.

Hoting Innovations combine sophisticated fibre forming processes and 3D tooling technologies to intelligently remove water from pulp, harnessing the natural properties of cellulose without destroying its unique characteristics thereby creating a completely biodegradable and compostable product that is stronger and more versatile than any other moulded board product on the planet.

Hoting’s solutions for the packaging industry are based on three technological breakthroughs:

  1. SinterCell thermoformed fibre forming machines, 40% faster than the leading competitor;
  2. Porous 3D tooling, producing very high quality surfaces combined with high rigidity and memory weighing far less than competing products;
  3. Unique Biopolymer, producing an engineered cellulose material behaving like plastics but remaining 100% biodegradable and compostable;

Hoting Innovations AB is headquartered in Vingåker, Sweden. We are currently in the process of building a manufacturing facility in Hoting, Jämtland and an R&D facility in Vingåker.

SCE Technology BV in the Netherlands is the exclusive distributor of SinterCell™ production technology for the EU market.